Monday, July 31, 2006

The Cost of Neglect

My work had become my mistress and my wife had had enough. What would happen to us?

I couldn't explain why, but for months, I had a gnawing sense that my life was off track. And I certainly never would have guessed the marital havoc I'd reap because of my misplaced priorities. Feeling unsettled, and with the thought that physical exercise would clear my head, one spring day I grabbed my shiny new ax and headed out to begin splitting wood.Why is Maria so unhappy? I wondered. She'd grown up in a violent home that ultimately exploded in divorce, but hadn't I rescued her from all that almost 15 years ago? She was now married to a successful doctor from an intact Christian family. Wasn't that enough to bring her the stability, security, and "normal life" she'd always dreamed of?

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