Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conflict Resolution

One of the most important issues in any potential marriage, marriage, or relationship is conflict resolution. Without proper resolution of conflicts, resentments will develop and the physical and emotional closeness needed to maintain a good relationship will disintegrate.

In order for healthy conflict resolution to occur, both people must have the desire to resolve the conflict, and both must have the skills to resolve the conflict. There must be a mutual commitment to both the process of resolution and to the solution.

Sometimes, for example, people don’t feel emotionally "safe" resolving a conflict with their partner. The lack of safety may come from a number of different sources.

The process of conflict resolution demands that the couple exhibit certain communication skills. In order to resolve a conflict, each person must be both willing and able to carefully listen to the other person. Each person must strive to understand the position of the other. Also, each person -- after gaining an understanding of the other person's position -- must carefully consider that position. If this method is not used in communication, there may be manipulation, force, or other negative measures being used to attempt to resolve conflicts.

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