Saturday, March 14, 2009

How To Stay Happy With The One You Love

1. First and foremost, love each other. Say "I love you" often and in different ways. Do things to keep your love and romance new and alive. Don't take love for granted, ever...
2. Listen objectively to each other, and accept each other completely. Give each other the right to disagree and to have different opinions.
3. Never stop treating each other like sweethearts. Talk to each other as sweethearts and do things that sweethearts do. Don't let external values have more importance than the internal feelings of your heart.
4. Take care of each other. Put the other one first, but don't neglect your own needs either. Do the things that show you're interested in your partner's needs, desires and problems.
5. Be joyful that you've each made a committment to the other...through sickness and health and everything else. Be thankful you're in this life together.
6. Talk about things together. Refuse to say anything negative about your partner. Never betray each other's secrets. Keep your own identity, but walk together as one.
7. Settle the fact that you've made your choice and you're no longer looking for anyone else. Don't flirt. Think of the consequences. Don't consider it.
8. Be in agreement about how your money is spent. Big items should have the approval of both. Talk about how to manage your finances.
9. Treat each other as you would want to be treated. If you've argued, never go to sleep at night without asking the other's forgiveness. Be faithful about this. Do what will make you both the happiest and be the best for your relationship.
10. Have fun!

[from Howtoencourage by Kay the Encourager]


Anonymous said...

If you've argued, never go to sleep at night without asking the other's forgiveness.

He always sleep after argue and says that we discuss it on the next day whereas I would like to settle the argument before sleep..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people just need time to cool off and sometimes its best to let them just have that time to themselves so that they can clear their heads. Maybe in the mornings after that happens you both should sit down and talk about whatever it was you both were arguing about in a really calm matter that way you both can understand each others needs and compromise. Communication is the key to every relationship, remember that.

Anonymous said...

Refuse to say anything negative about your partner.
But there are times he say hurtful words usually not true.. It make me feel bad that the one i trust the most is the one who hurts my feelings...

Anonymous said...

Trust is the key to a relationship. Always trust your spouse