Monday, March 19, 2012

Recommended Books

Marriage Preparation

"The Marriage Book" Nicky & Sila Lee. Quite simply the best general hand-book for any couple. It covers a host of topics including In-Laws, Communication, Forgiveness, Intimacy and a host of other relevant areas. Good for having on the shelf and dipping in and out of periodically.

"Rules of Engagement" Katherine & Richard Hill. From 20 years of marriage, some very helpful thoughts on planning the big day plus ten principles on which to build your marriage.

Relationship Enrichment

"The Five Love Languages" Gary Chapman Communication is about more than just words. Learn about the 5 Love Languages and how to communicate more effectively with your partner. This book has the potential to enhance any relationship no matter how mature. It has been described as a book about hope. It is one of the most influential books I have ever read.

"The 4 Seasons of Marriage" Gary Chapman. Relationships move in and out of seasons. The thesis of this book is that the natural seasons provide an apt analogy of the changes that occur in our marriages. Which season are you in? How did you get there? If you are in autumn or winter can you move back into spring and summer?

"Covenant Marriage" Gary Chapman. Whether you are in a healthy, affirming and loving relationship or in one that is holding together by a thread the keys to enrichment or survival are the same: improving communication and intimacy. This brilliant book is pure gold for every couple no matter how long you have been together. No marriage or relationship is beyond enriching.

"The Power of Commitment" Scott Stanley An outstanding guide to active life-long love. This book is not about merely struggling to survive but about helping you to thrive in the richness of your commitment.

In Difficult Times

"The DNA of Relationships" Gary Smalley 93% of distressed couples who read and applied the material in this book not only managed to keep their relationships intact but also reported much higher satisfaction with their relationships. Worth a look!

"Divorce Remedy" Michelle Weiner-Davis. Emergency room treatment for relationships in trouble. Very good read even if your spouse doesn't read it. "One" can make a difference.

"How to Save Your Marriage Alone" Ed Wheat. There is a recurring thread running through books on relationships and it is this - one person can make a difference. It is most definitely not easy but this short little book encourages you to consider how, gives advice from those who have tried and succeeded and tells the story of a couple called Hosea and Gomer who had a very stormy relationship.

"Hope for the Separated" Gary Chapman. Very good, practical Biblical advice on how to live and look after yourself during a period of separation whether it leads to reconciliation or divorce.


"The Lost Art of Forgiving" Johann Christoph Arnold. A book of stories about people who have found the strength to forgive those who wronged them and in doing so have found peace.

"The 5 Languages of Apology" Gary Chapman / Jennifer Thomas Experiencing healing in relationships through the power of apology and forgiveness.


"The Money Secret" Rob Parsons. Money issues can cause great tension in a relationship. Here is a very helpful book on handling your finances.


"Hot Love" Pat Love & Jo Robinson. A book for couples in a committed monogamous relationship. The thesis of this book is that monogamy need not mean monotony in the area of physical intimacy.

"The Language of Sex" Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham. A very readable Christian book on experiencing sexual intimacy.

Men and Fathers

"The Sixty Minute Father" Rob Parsons. A very readable short book on being a good father. If you have little time and usually fall asleep over a book then this is ideal.

"VoiceMail - What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework and Commitment" by Neil Chethik I haven't come across many books about men and marriage / relationships but this is a very good read with personal comments from amongst the 300+ men Neil Chethik had contacted in researching his work.