Thursday, April 29, 2010

People Going Through Divorce and Separation Find Hope, Help and Healing

People hurting from the pain of separation or divorce receive practical help and teaching at DivorceCare support groups. Nearly 13,000 churches across the US, Canada and several other countries around the world have been equipped to offer these life-changing groups.

DivorceCare groups meet in 13-week cycles throughout the year. People in the aftermath of a marital breakup can begin attending at any time. “People facing the trauma of divorce need help right away,” said Steve Grissom, founder and president of DivorceCare/Church Initiative. “With DivorceCare, the emergency room is always open.”

Grissom understands the need for DivorceCare. He created this program in 1993 after experiencing the pain of his own divorce.

And in an age where bad advice is passed off as wisdom, DivorceCare offers teaching based on ageless truths found in the Bible. This Christ-centered material works from the heart of the issue out, guiding participants to true healing and hope.

DivorceCare group participants gain counsel and encouragement through video teaching, small group discussion and weekly scripture study. Each group session includes a 35-minute video presentation featuring insights from respected Christian experts on divorce-related topics. Participants then spend time in discussion with other people who truly understand the tough issues of divorce and separation.

Topics discussed include:
  • How to recognize, face and cope with difficult emotions (such as loneliness, anger, bitterness, depression, shame)
  • Financial survival
  • How to help your children through the changes
  • The possibility of reconciliation
  • What to do about new relationships
  • Experiencing God’s comfort and help
“I began to heal rapidly, and I owe it all to DivorceCare!” exclaimed a participant in Iowa.

Many churches that offer DivorceCare also have a special group for children of divorce or separation, called DivorceCare for Kids. DC4K offers games, music, videos, crafts and more. Each aspect of DC4K is designed to help children identify and cope with their emotions and learn to communicate concerns with their parents.

“When DC4K and DivorceCare are run in tandem, it means that a family can begin healing together,” said Linda, a church ministry director in Ohio.

To find a nearby group, go to and enter a zip/postal code, city or country. To find a group for children ages 5–12, visit

(Source: Christian Newswire)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Becoming One in Marriage

There is a fine line between becoming one with your mate and still maintaining your God-given identity. It's challenging, but even more so if you're new to married life. If this is your story, maybe you're asking, "What does it mean to become one, and how do my spouse and I actually do it?"

Does a husband pursue his career over his wife's desire to move to another state for a once-in-a-lifetime job offer? Should a wife go out once a week with her girlfriends while her husband stays at home with the children? And how do they realistically merge their finances, possessions and time?

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