Thursday, July 12, 2007

Depression Causes Rejection, and Rejection Causes Depression

Do you ever pretend to be happy, even when you are not?

It is not enough to pretend that you are happy. The people around you probably can see right through this lie. Maybe you’re acting the part but your heart is not truly in it. Your happiness and desire to be around others has to be authentic. Being authentically happy is the only way to get people view that you are not depressed.

In some ways, you may be caught in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being depressed and emotionally unavailable, you fear that you cannot connect with others or that others will reject you. This thinking likely makes it difficult for others to connect with you, and you them, and this inability to connect fuels and reinforces your depression. The best way to break this cycle is to rid yourself of your depression. Once the depression is gone, you can be yourself and finally start connecting with others in a genuine way. Your depression stifles this process.

Overcoming depression is no easy task. This is especially true when you have endured a great amount of loss and pain. Despite your pains and losses, your depression is not insurmountable. Antidepressants are a good start but a medication regime alone will never be enough to help you work through your depression. A seasoned therapist can help you work through your depression and regain your life and your social ties.

Find a counselor to connect with and get help in ending your depression.

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