Monday, March 07, 2011

Things to Forget - Things to Remember

Things to Forget:
The bad stuff someone said about you.
The time you were overlooked or excluded.
The wonderful things you did for someone (which should have been noticed.)
How great (perfect) you are.
That you were right (I told you so!).
How bad "they" treated you.
Why you deserve to be first (or other special treatment).
Your grudges.
Your pet peeves.
The time someone disappointed you.
Your self-centered notions.

Things to Remember:
To say "Thank You".
To express your love and affection.
The gestures of kindness others have shown to you.
That any success you achieve is due, at least in part, to others.
That God answers prayer.
That you are not God, so you don't have to control everything.
To do your homework.
To lend a helping hand.
That persistence pays off.
What brings true happiness (things money can't buy).
To seize the day and make the most of the moments.

[from Revitalize Your Church

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