Wednesday, October 28, 2015

3 Small Signs You’re Getting Out of a Depression

It’s a tough call, but, when you are slowly getting out of a depression, you do things in your daily life that shift a little. I sit here writing this blog with a bowl next to me with watermelon in it. A house necessity that I just bought for 99 cents last week.  I call it my “bolate” cause it’s not a bowl, or a plate, but somewhere in-between. Shocking I’ve gone this long without a proper bowl. It’s nice to have something other than one plate, one fork, plastic spoons, and two glasses in my freezer. (Everyone wants cold drinks so all my glasses are in the freezer.) So why did I decide to buy a bowl finally? I think the well overdue purchase is a sign that I am taking better care of myself. And it makes me think of other recent occurrences that have shifted.

Here are some signs that I am getting out of my depression:

I Get Annoyed: Instead of being apathetic toward certain things, I see that my curtains behind my bed were put up when I was depressed, and they weren’t hung prioperly. It looks sloppy and I think, when you are depressed, you might just be happy that you were able to hang curtains but now it doesn’t fit. Fixing the curtain seems like a minor achievement but, thankfully, it’s a small sign of getting out of a depression.

Socialization: Either I think about going out and leaving the isolation I’m accustomed to, or take a walk. I find myself taking more walks. When I see myself stopping at a new joint, Clifton’s Café on Broadway, for a sandwich it’s a step toward interacting with people at the sandwich bar, at the register, simply being among people in general is a sign of climbing my way out of a depression.

My Tolerance Level: And this is a big one. My tolerance level shifts. I wake up and look around and see signs of my depression and hear myself in my head say, “I’m not putting up with this anymore!” Once you start being fed up with your depression and hear yourself motivating you to turn things around, you’re on your way… 😉

[By Erica Loberg - PsychCentral]

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