Monday, January 21, 2008

How Can I Stop Cutting?

Cutting is dangerous and at the very least, unhealthy. Despite this, in the absence of actual coping skills, many people cut themselves, young people especially. Many people cut for the same reasons, they hurt, they feel numb and there is little or no help available. People say that cutting helps release their emotional pain. It lets them know that they are … "still alive” … and can feel something.

Cutting is a sign that someone needs help. If the immediate family is unable to help sufficiently, professional treatment can help. Talk to either your school counselor or a trusted adult family friend. Tell them how much you are suffering and that sometimes you cut yourself to feel better.

There are better and more appropriate ways to deal with your emotional pain and hopefully, when you inform the school counselor or a family friend, they can steer into the appropriate treatment. Inform someone of your cutting immediately.

Professional help is available.

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