Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Are You Willing To Do To Be Happy?

Dr. Robert Holden, author of “Happiness Now” says chronic complainers like Reggie actually live in fear of happiness. Their condition—which he dubs “happy-chondria”—is based on a belief that any happiness carries an eventual fall and price.

Dr. Holden says the key to being happy is overcoming “destination addiction,” which he defines as “living in the not-now.” “It’s always about tomorrow, so you’re chasing ‘more,’ ‘next’ and ‘there,’” he says. “You promise yourself that when you get there, you’ll be happy. And I promise you, you won’t, because you’ll always set another destination to go for.” Instead, Dr. Holden says if you are unhappy with your life or looking to improve your score on the satisfaction test, there are two things you can do. “We have to learn to let go of our past, we have to give up all hopes for a perfect past. Let the past go, it’s gone.” After that, he says, “Take a vow of kindness. Be kinder to yourself and to others. “It’s never too late to be happy,” he says.

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